SZUTEST provides independent and impartial inspection services to different sectors and industrial applications such as steel construction, power plants, petrochemical plants, refineries, industrial plants, equipment manufacturers, pressure vessels and pipelines for the purpose of ensuring that the quality and performance of production or installations meet the quality and performance requirements of national and international standards and customers.

Regarding steel structures manufacturing and assembly inspections, the application standard EN 1090-2 of EN 1090-1 is used in the certification and production control processes of steel structures and 1090-3 for aluminum structures.

Controls of production and assembly are carried out according to EN 1090-2, AWS D.1.1, AWS D.1.5 and AWS D.1.6 standards for steel structures and according to EN 1090-3 and AWS D.1.2 for aluminum structures.

SZUTEST, having EN ISO/IEC 17020 inspection accreditation, provides services of production and assembly controls according to EN1090-2, AWS D.1.1, AWS D.1.2, AWS D.1.5 and AWS D.1.6 standards.

Having an EN ISO/IEC 17020 inspection accreditation, SZUTEST performs production and installation surveillance for storage tanks based on standards API 650 and API 620, periodic inspections of storage tanks based on standard API 653, and production inspections of flammable and non-flammable water polluting liquid tanks on EN 12285.

SZUTEST offers inspection services for production and assembly of pipelines according to API 1104, ASME B 31.1, ASME B 31.3, ASME B 31.8 and API 570 standards.

SZUTEST, with its EN ISO/IEC 17020 inspection accreditaion, provides services of inspection of welding production of railway vehicles and components according to EN 15085-2 in the scope of customer specifications or quality test plans, and the welding inspection of railway vehicles and components according to EN 15085-5 standard.

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