According to the Health and Safety Requirements in the Use of Work Equipment Directive, pressure equipment like boilers, pressure tanks, expansion tanks, compressor air tanks and autoclaves must be inspected at least once a year. Pressure tests must be in 1,5 times of the regular operation pressure.

Periodic inspection of steam boilers and hot oil boilers

TS EN 13445-5 and TS 2025

Periodic inspection of heating boilers
TS EN 12952-6

Periodic inspection of compressor air tanks

TS EN 1012-1:2010, TS EN 13445-5 and TS 1203 EN 286-1

Periodic inspection of pressure tanks and expansion tanks

TS EN 13445-5

Periodic inspection of liquified LPG tanks
TS EN 12817, TS EN 12819, TS 55, TS 1445 and TS 1446

Periodic inspection of cryogenic tanks
TS EN 13458-3, TSS EN 13530-3, TS EN 1251-3 and TS EN 14197-3

Tanks and stores of hazardous liquids
API 650, API 653

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