SASO Certification

SABER certificate (aka. SASO certificate) is a document required by SASO (Standard Organization of Saudi Arabia), which must be obtained as a mandatory requirement for export transactions to Saudi Arabia.

This conformity assessment is required for all exports to Saudi Arabia. After consignment evaluation, when the conformity of the products meets the Saudi Arabian standards; a certificate is created electronically and export operations continue in the same direction.

The document must be obtained separately for each export.

With these documents, SASO verifies that the product entering the country meets local standards.

The purpose of the certification process;

  • Protection of public health
  • Ensuring Consumer Safety
  • Protection of religious and moral values
  • Environmental Protection
  • It is to prevent the entry of deceptive or non-standard products into the country.

This certificate is needed to ensure shipments are cleared from customs and to confirm that products comply with relevant Saudi technical regulations and national, regional or international standards.

At the same time, it aims to minimize the Environmental impact within the scope of Saudi Arabia 2030 vision.

For this reason, among the country requirements, the restriction of the use of plastic and the energy labels developed by SASO in electrical products are also used.



SABER System

Saber system is an online registration and tracking system that aims to accelerate import and export transactions by adapting it to the electronic environment by the Saudi Arabian Standardization Agency SASO (Standard Organization of Saudi Arabia).

Saber System applications can only be made through the website, and the certification processes are aimed to be followed through this website.

What are the SASO certification steps?

Product certification can be maintained in 3 stages as follows.

1-Opening a New Product Registration

The importer enters the details of the product in SABER.

The SABER system verifies whether the product is regulated by HS code or product category.

2-Product Conformity Certificate (Product Certificate)

Test reports, quality certificates, risk assessment reports, inspection report etc. After the certificates of conformity, product images, design information are registered in the system, the accuracy and adequacy of the documents are evaluated by SZUTEST.

After verifying compliance with the relevant standards, SASO Approved SZUTEST creates a certificate over the SABER system.

3-Shipment Certificate

A Shipment Certificate is required for each shipment. The issuance of Shipment Certificates for shipments of regulated products is done by SZUTEST through SABER.

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