ECM Certificate

Certification of Organizations being Responsible for Maintenance of Freight Car

ECM Certificate is a document which must be held by every maintenance organization for freight car. “ECM Certificate” is issued to the maintenance organization in accordance with 2004/49/AT regulation. Each railroad car must have an organization being responsible for maintenance before it is commissioned or used in railway network. These organizations ensure that the railroad cars under their responsibility of maintenance are in safe working conditions owing to their maintenance system. In carrying out such maintenance activities, these activities ensure that each railroad car should have necessary maintenance file, TSI provisions and maintenance rules.

ECM certificate evaluates the capability of applicant maintenance organization to carry out maintenance activities and provide operational functions of maintenance. Each organization being responsible for maintenance of freight car is licensed by a certified and recognized institution in accordance with a national safety authority.

ECM certificate indicates that maintenance system established by the responsible organization for maintenance of freight cars complies with 445/2011/EU regulation. ECM certification system is valid for each organization being responsible for maintenance of the freight cars to be used in railway network in European Union. The system required to obtain ECM Certificate must meet the following evaluation criteria:

  1. Management function conditions and evaluation criteria
  2. Conditions and evaluation criteria for maintenance development function
    III. Conditions and evaluation criteria for fleet maintenance management function
  3. Conditions and evaluation criteria for maintenance provision function

A maintenance organization implementing ECM system is free to choose its own certification body. It can conclude an agreement with a certification body recognized or accredited in any member country.

Which Phases should be gone through so as to obtain ECM Certificate?

First application and evaluation

Certificate evaluation

Field inspections

Field supervisions

Supervision activities

Which Information should be included in Maintenance File?

Maintenance File should be created for each railroad car and it includes all necessary information so as to carry out maintenance activities. Maintenance file consists of the following four elements.

General Documentation

Maintenance Design Justification File

Maintenance Explanation File

Configuration File

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