ISO 10002-2004

ISO 10002:2004 Customer Satisfaction Management System Standard was published by the International Organization for Standardization (ISO) on 06.07.2004 for organizations that want to make a difference, and who attach importance to the opinions of their customers.

The main rule of customer satisfaction is to see through the customer’s eyes and to make all our processes customer-focused. Why do we want the customer to be satisfied? Because the satisfied customer will remain loyal. While a satisfied customer shares his/her satisfaction with an average of 5 people, a dissatisfied one transfers his/her dissatisfaction to an average of 20 people. There may always be differences between the customer’s service expectation and his/her service perception. Therefore, it is the service provider’s responsibility to erase this difference.

In order to comply with ISO 10002: 2004 standard, it is first needed to work on the management of customer complaints, and policy-consistent objectives should be set. In the next phase; the receipt of customer complaints, tracking of complaints, acknowledgement of complaints, initial assessment of complaints, investigation of complaints, response to complaints, communicating the decision and closing the complaints constitute the processes of the related management system. The analysis and evaluation of complaints, and examination and review of them provide the continual improvement of the management system.

Main Headings of ISO 10002 Standard

  • Introduction
  • Scope
  • Normative References
  • Terms and Definitions
  • Guiding Principles
  • Complaints-Handling Framework
  • Planning and Design
  • Operation of Complaints-Handling Process
  • Continual Improvement

Basic Principles of the Standard

  • Transparency
  • Accessibility
  • Objectivity
  • Charges
  • Confidentiality
  • Customer-Focused Approach
  • Accountability
  • Continual Improvement

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