The production quality of any product and the sustainability of the organization depends on the competence and skills of the personnel in the process. Among many production processes, welding is the most important, and it requires critical controls and measures.

Welding is considered as an important manufacturing method. It is an inseparable part of all constructions from simple to high risk, such as stairs, buildings, steel structures, cranes, bridges, pipelines, pressure vessels, moving and lifting equipment. Welding quality is a critical element in these systems.

To ensure quality and prevent welding errors, the following should be taken into account:

  • Welder certification for trained and certified production personnel,
  • Usage of high quality materials,
  • Working in approved guidelines,
  • Strict control and application of welding processes,
  • Qualified and well-equipped personnel, and
  • Preventive actions and continuous improvement

It is critical to ensure appropriate controls are in place throughout the whole process.

The manufacturers must employ competent, well-trained and certified welders.

As SZUTEST, we offer services on EN 9606-1, EN ISO 9606-2, ASME Sec. IX, AWS D.1.1, AWS D.1.2, AWS D.1.5, AWS D.1.6, API 1104 and EN13067 standards for welder certification; on EN 14732 standard for welder operator certification, and on EN13133 standard for brazer certification.

Manufacturers must be aware of mechanical characteristics of base metal and consumables; taking into account environmental and welding conditions during the applied welding process.

As SZUTEST, we provide services of Welding Procedure Specification Approval (WPQR) on EN ISO 15614, ASME Sec. IX, AWS D.1.1, AWS D.1.2, AWS D.1.5, AWS D.1.6 and API 1104 standards and Brazing Procedure Specification Approval (BPQR) on EN13134 standard.

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