UkrSEPRO is an Ukrainian quality system certification. Both foreign and Ukrainian companies who want to trade in Ukraine should possess UkrSePRO.

There are two types of UkrSEPRO Certificates: voluntary and mandatory. There is an ordinance arranging the type of the conformity certificate to be selected based on the product. On the basis of this ordinance, if the product is subject to certification, it must be obtained on a mandatory basis. The ground for the conformity certificate is a test report from an accredited laboratory.

If the product is not subject to mandatory certification in Ukraine, then (on voluntary basis, for the purpose of increasing competitiveness) a voluntary certificate can be issued. Another feature of the conformity certificate is that, not always it is required to perform product testing. This can be achieved with product certification plans.

Basically, almost all consumer goods require mandatory certification. It includes all groceries, products for children, perfumes and cosmetics, tableware and kitchenware, packaging materials, household and industrial equipment, etc.

UkrSEPRO certificates can be valid for a single shipment, or 1, 2 or 5 years.

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