Playgrounds must meet certain modern design criteria so as to live up to the expectations of people and most importantly, children in both a safe and enjoyable manner.

These criteria can be summarized as follows:

  • Safety
  • Function
  • Age Grouping
  • Social Communication
  • Comfort
  • Material structure
  • Maintenance

It is stated that 60% of the accidents in the playgrounds are caused by falling. 40% of such accidents are caused by the injuries due to hit of an element or another child in movement, sharp corners, projected ends, inappropriate connection apparatus, broken or neglected elements or the parts thereof and uneven surfaces.

Five main factors have been provided in relation to occurrence of all these accidents.

  • Elements in the playgrounds are higher than necessary or designed and located without age grouping.
  • Surface in the playground is not suitable but torn or certain parts are removed and there are elements and parts which may cause trip and fall on the ground.
  • Elements in the playground are neglected; broken parts are not repaired and there are sharp corners in the playground.
  • Necessary maintenance and repair works are not performed in the Playgrounds
  • Lack of supervision and inspection

All these criteria must be examined and reported separately in terms of periodic inspection. As SZUTEST, we carry out the inspection of the playgrounds in accordance with the relevant standards with our personnel holding necessary knowledge and experience throughout Turkey. Relevant standards are provided below.

  • TS EN 12572-1,2,3
  • TS EN 1176 -1,2,3,4,5,6,7,10,11
  • TS EN 1177
  • TS EN 1069-1
  • TS EN 16630
  • TS EN 15567-1,2
  • TS 7941
  • TS 4687
  • TS 13735

Neglected and uncontrolled playgrounds arouse a feeling of desolateness and fear and then, are turned into a suitable environment for Vandalism. Regular and periodic maintenance and inspections will make the playgrounds reliable and safe locations and they will be recovered.

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