To become one of the most favorite international auditing, testing and certification organizations in the world with our high quality, reliable, fast and passionate services within our scope.

To make our leading position in Turkey more meaningful through continuous growth.


While providing our services, we will use the most valuable asset of our country and company; the young, hardworking, passionate and well-educated human resource in the most effective and efficient way, will combine it with creative, innovative and rational thinking, and will continuously improve our services.


A dynamic management style adopted through objective decisions and accountability. Rational, productive and self-confident employees respectful for themselves and their work.

An organization; well-integrated with its employees, having an atmosphere of trust and prone to delegation of authority.

A customer-focused service understanding that  takes into account the demands, needs and recommendations of customers.



Our company was established and started its activities in Istanbul in 2005 when Turkey started negotiations for full membership to the European Union. The Free Movement of Goods, one of the first chapters discussed during the negotiations, became the reason for the establishment of our organization and still remains our main operation area.

The purpose of this chapter is to make possible the free movement of industrial products and imported goods from third countries in the internal market by elimination of technical barriers. Achieving this goal requires the application of New Approach Directives and the involvement of Conformity Assessment Bodies. To meet this need in the best way possible, our company started its activities as the full and exclusive representative of Strojirensky Zkusebni Ustav s.p., a Czech notified body in 15 directives.

Having acquired its own accreditation and notifications in 2007, SZUTEST is now accredited according to ISO/IEC 17020 as Inspection Body of Type A, ISO/IEC 17065 as Product Certification Body, ISO/IEC 17024 as Personnel Certification Body by TURKAK-Turkish Accreditation Agency and according to ISO/IEC 17021 as System Certification body by TURKAK-Turkish Accreditation Agency and International Accreditation Services-IAS. SZUTEST Laboratories are accredited by TURKAK-Turkish Accreditation Agency and International Accreditation Services-IAS. (TURKAK Accreditation scope can be accessed through https://secure.turkak.org.tr/kapsam/search  and IAS Accreditation scope can be accessed through https://www.iasonline.org/search-accredited-organizations-2/)

SZUTEST is authorized as Notified Body with number 2195 for performing of CE Marking Conformity Assessment Services in accordance with the relevant directives/regulations of EU Commission. Scope of these services can be accessed through http://ec.europa.eu/growth/tools-databases/nando/

SZUTEST is authorized as Certification Body by Vocational Qualifications Authority of Ministry of Family, Labor and Social Services, Labour Hygiene and Measurement, Test and Analysis Laboratory by Presidency of Institute of Research And Development of Occupational Health And Safety of Ministry of Family, Labor and Social Services, Inspection Body of Type A for Periodic Inspection for Lifts by Ministry of Industry and Technology and International Surveillance Company by Ministry of Trade.

Since its establishment, SZUTEST has been assisting Turkish manufacturers with its certification, testing and inspection services and has managed to be one of the most preferred certification and conformity assessment organizations.

SZUTEST can provide product conformity assessment services in all countries in the World upon request.

  •  Malta Conformity Assessment  Holding Ltd.
  • ÇEV-TEST Ölçüm Laboratuvarı Ticaret Limited Şirketi.
    • Scope : Testing
    • Web. www.cevtest.com.tr



As SZUTEST,  it is our priority to treat all applying companies/individuals equally and impartially without taking into account their geographical location, size or association/union membership throughout all conformity assessment processes. Our committees and employees also stick to confidentiality and impartiality principles and work free of pressures and without pursuing interests of any parties, and basing their activities only on objective data.

To achieve this, SZUTEST has analyzed all potential conflicts of interest and has taken all necessary measures.

With its procedures, SZUTEST has ensured that the people in the decision-making mechanisms of the accreditation standards and related documents are different than those in the conformity assessment processes. SZUTEST’s top management has promised that they will not affect the conformity assessment decision either positively or negatively, will terminate the conformity assessment process in case a factor that can affect impartiality is detected, and avoid any behavior that can damage the customer’s reputation.

Moreover, SZUTEST provides all resources to carry out all conformity assessment activities in an authorized, transparent, objective, independent and impartial manner. We undertake full responsibility and accountability for all regulations we are assigned to, the standards we are accredited on, the relevant annexes to these directives and standards, and for all areas in which we conduct conformity assessment activities.

SZUTEST does not engage in any activities that can contradict with the independence of its decisions and evaluations regarding its conformity assessment activities. It cannot be the designer, producer, supplier, installer, commercial purchaser, owner, commercial user or maintainer, authorized representative or partner of the products for which it carries out conformity assessment services.  Additionally, SZUTEST cannot be directly connected to other competitive products (competitive brand or producer) throughout the conformity assessment process.