SZUTEST provides independent and impartial third-party inspection services to different sectors and industrial applications such as steel construction, power plants, petrochemical plants, refineries, industrial plants, equipment manufacturers, pressure vessels and pipelines for the purpose of ensuring that the quality and performance of products or installations meet the applicable requirements of national and international standards and customers.

Materials are the most important elements of any production. Manufacturers must select and use materials that are appropriate for the intended use.

SZUTEST provides material conformity assessment and production inspections services for metallic materials such as pipes, plates and flanges, and equipment according to EN 10204 (3.2 certificate) and several product standards to ensure conformity to specifications within the scope of national and international codes.

In this regard, holding EN ISO/IEC 17020 Inspection Accreditation, SZUTEST provides production process inspection and material conformity assessment services according to EN 10204, API 5L (ISO 3183), EN 10025, EN 10219, EN 10217, BS 534, BS 3601, DIN 1626, EN 10216, EN 10222, EN 1759, EN 1092, EN 545, EN 10216, EN 10222, EN 1759, EN 1092, EN 10224, EN 10255, EN 10305, EN 10312, EN 10028, ASTM A 106, ASTM A 36, ASTM A 53, ASTM A 333, ASTM A 312, ASTM A 283, ASTM A 516, ASTM A 517 and ASTM A 252 standards.

Manufacturers must be aware of mechanical characteristics of base metal and consumables; taking into account environmental and welding conditions during the applied welding process.

As SZUTEST, we provide services of Welding Procedure Specification Approval (WPQR) on EN ISO 15614, ASME Sec. IX, AWS D.1.1, AWS D.1.2, AWS D.1.5, AWS D.1.6 and API 1104 standards and Brazing Procedure Specification Approval (BPQR) on EN13134 standard.

In the framework of the Official Bulletin No. 2006/21 issued in the Official Journal No. 26119 dated 25.03.2006, SZUTEST gained the status of being an “International Inspection Body”.

SZUTEST performs the inspection of products to be imported or exported to verify the technical specifications and issues the Inspection Report accordingly.

As the number of suppliers of a company increases, its supervisory capacity on these suppliers decreases. If you have a large number of suppliers or if you are thinking of having suppliers in faraway countries, but are concerned about your supervision and control over them due to long distances, SZUTEST, with its expert personnel,  provides services in this scope, carrying out services of inspecting infrastructure quality of the supplier, inspecting the supplier’s capacity and qualification, product  quality and adequacy, witnessing product performance tests, and product and production inspections.

Services of technical controls, tests, assessment and approval for the purpose of certification of purchased/ordered products/services or certification of the facility’s conformity during or after production according to international standards, codes and customer technical specification are rendered.

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