As Szutest, we have completed our Notified Body authorization process within the scope of the 2016/425/EU Personal Protective Equipment Regulation. We have successfully completed the audits first by the Turkish Accreditation Agency and then by the Ministry of Family, Labor and Social Services. As of April 27, our notified body authorization has been published on Nando, the official publication of the European Union Commission.

We would like to inform you, our esteemed manufacturers, that we can now carry out CE certification of products with our own authority, within the scope of which you can find the details below.

Product ScopeProduct StandartsRelated Module
General Face and Eye ProtectorsTS 5560 EN 166EU Type examination Annex V (Module B)
Respiratory System Protective Equipment


against particles,


half masks with filters for protection

EN 149EU Type examination Annex V (Module B)

Annex VII (Module C2)


Annex VIII (Module D)

General Body Protective Equipment

Protective Clothing against Chemicals,

Protective Equipment against Harmful Biological agents

ISO 13688

EN ISO 13982-1




EN 14126


EN 14605+A1


EU Type examination Annex V (Module B)

Annex VII (Module C2)


Annex VIII (Module D)



As can be seen, our scope of authorization is for now only products focused on products intended to provide protection in the Covid-19 pandemic. However, over time, we will expand this scope and add more different product ranges to our scope within the scope of the regulation.