Information on the Certification Process of Safety Goggles and Face Shields

Personal Protective Equipment

Personel Protective Equipments are evaluated under 2016/425/EU Personel Protective Equipment Directive issued by the European Commission. The 2016/425 /EU Personal Protective Equipment Directive has determined three categories: category I, II and III. Products are evaluated and certified according to these categories for conformity. At the end of the successful certification process, the manufacturer has the right to affix CE labels to its products.

Eye Protection Equipment - Goggles and Face ShieldsEye Protection Equipment – Goggles and Face Shields

Goggles and face shields that provide eye protection, including droplets and splashes, are evaluated under the EN 166 standard. The EN 166 standard is a harmonized standard under the 2016/425 / EU Personal Protective Equipment Directive and covers products that are mandatory to use the CE mark. The standard has determined both the design features and the material features to be used in the product.

Safety goggles and face shields within the scope of EN 166 standard are considered as Category II products described in the regulation. The certification process for the products in this category is as follows;

Goggles and Face Shields

EC Type Examination Certification

Module B Certificate

For this, the manufacturer should create a technical document containing all the details of the products’ features. In addition, product samples must be tested in the accredited laboratory of the notified body. ‘EC Type Examination Certificate’ is published after the technical file is approved and the tests are completed successfully. After the process the manufacturer can affix their products CE label. The validity of the certificate is 5 years. If the face shield manufacturer choose the option COVID-19, which the new procedure published by EC for his period, the validity of the certificate is 1 year. There is no COVID-19 option for goggles

The tests to be applied to the face shields within the scope of the COVID-19 option are as follows:

The tests to be applied to the face shields within the scope of the COVID-19

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