About the IAF/ISO Joint Communiqué on the inclusion of Climate Change considerations in Management System standards

Dear sir / madam,

In support of the “London Declaration on Climate Change”, the International Organization for Standardization (ISO) has assessed the need to consider the impact of Climate Change on the ability of the management system to achieve its intended results and has decided to add two new textual statements to a number of existing management system standards and to include them in all new standards under development/revision.

In line with this decision, the specifications of various ISO standards

ISO 9001:2015/Amd 1:2024

ISO 14001/Amd 1:2024

ISO 45001 AMD 1:2024

ISO 22000 AMD 1:2024

ISO 50001 AMD 1:2024

ISO IEC 27001 Amd 1:2024

Published. ( https://www.iso.org/standard/88431.html )

Articles added with the new amendment;

4.1 The organization must determine whether there is an issue related to climate change or not.

4.2 NOTE: Interested parties may have requirements regarding climate change.

As above.

What Our Certified Organizations Should Do in This Scope;

*Climate Change should be determined whether it is related to other issues, and if so, it should be evaluated within the scope of risk assessment within the scope of management systems standards.

*Where more than one management system is operated (for example, Quality Management and Health and Safety Management), Climate Change is assessed within the scope of each management system standard if it is determined to be relevant.

*It is noted that some climate change considerations and risks may be generic in nature (e.g., when related to regulatory compliance or operational adaptability and organizational resilience), regardless of the applicable management system scope or sector, while others will be indexed specifically to the requirements of management system standards for specific industries and characteristics of the organization (e.g., power generation, agriculture and fisheries), and others will be indexed specifically to the requirements of management system standards (e.g., geographic location, nature of the supply chain or labor dynamics).

Impact of the Amendment on 3rd party audits and Certification Process;

In accordance with the final text published in the Management systems audits carried out by Szutest, issues affecting Climate Change related to the organization and its context will be questioned. Where it cannot demonstrate that all internal and external issues identified as relevant, including Climate Change, have been taken into account, an appropriate finding will be provided.

Management system standards will go through the ISO amendment processbut there is no need to issue a revised certificate if the following are taken into account:

–              The publication year of each Management System standard will not change.

–              There is no change in the scope of application for the certified Management System.

–              There is no significant impact on the effectiveness of the certified Management System.

–           The method and actions that certified organizations will eventually enter into, due to the new requirement, will resemble methods and actions they would apply in the case of future changes in any other contextual issue they already address within the scope of the Management System.

For your kind information,

System Certification Department Manager